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Author's Note


What is unique about My World Seven Series ™

My World Seven Series is a collection of SEVEN resource activity books. It is designed to help children learn about the world and its natural resources.

My World Seven Series ™ is unique not only because of its learning and educational values – at the end of each book in these series, there is a personal page, ‘My World, My Page’ for pupil use. The personal page is the pupil’s personal space. It is designed to enhance pupil’s creative and innovative thinking. It gives children an opportunity to have a voice about their personal choice, favourite things and express their ideas and thoughts in their own unique way. Every child is different.

I hope My World Seven Series ™ will give children lots of enjoyment! There are over seventy exercises in each series. By working through the activities in this workbook and the use of ICT, children will be encouraged to become self-confident and independent learners.

My World Seven Series ™ can also assist pupils whose first language is not English, in their language learning, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

Teachers, parents, grandparents and after school helpers, can also join in the activities and have fun!

Thank you.


Dr. Rozana Huq, Author


About Author

Dr Rozana Ahmad Huq is management author, leadership educator and life coach. Rozana also writes poetry and short stories. Her work has been published in journals and anthologies. She has featured and taken part in several BBC broadcasts. She has also read from her work in libraries and performed music in community arts and festival events.

Rozana loves to write for children, which includes resource activity books, poetry and short stories. She has facilitated poetry workshops in schools, on behalf of Community Arts Partnership.

Rozana’s creative writing comes from observation and she takes inspiration from both cultures, of the East and West.