• Listening              

  • Writing              

  • Imagination                

  • Reading              

  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Speaking                

  • Maths                

  • Creative writing        

  • Innovative thinking

  • Language development       

My World Seven Series ™ is a series of seven resource activity books.  It features “Worldee” a children’s knowledge mentor who appears in each of the resource books.

‘Vegetables of the World, Activity Book One’ is designed to assist pupils learn about different vegetables of the world.


The planned activities and exercises in each book will give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and learning across the curriculum.


It covers a range of learning materials for school children aged between four and eleven to help them develop the following skills:

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Educational benefit and learning outcomes


In the first exercise, the list of vegetables in ‘My Word Bank for Vegetables of the World’ enables pupils to become familiar with the vegetables in this book and later encourages them to add to their own ‘word bank’ as they progress.

There is potential for discussion and ICT work and research, such as:

  • which countries grow these vegetables

  • importance and benefits of eating vegetables

  • nutritional value of vegetables

  • recipes from different parts of the world

Pupils will be able to use their research skills and look up information on the internet where these vegetables grow, thus enhancing their ICT skills. During group or individual work, teachers can also combine Geography and Science topics including discussions, for advanced classes, such as:

  • climate

  • soil

  • rain

  • sun


My World Seven Series ™ is designed to help children

  • enhance their knowledge of the world

  • discover more about themselves, and

  • have lots of fun and enjoyment

By working through the activities in this workbook and the use of ICT, children will be encouraged to become self-confident and independent learners. This resource book can also be useful for:

  • ‘spellathon’ and

  • ‘show and tell’ activities


Teachers can also do a cookery workshop – a recipe by the author is included.

Children can have fun making the ‘Aloo and Broccoli Rocketship’. Teachers may talk about different spices and herbs, this can open up further interesting areas of conversation.

The author can be contacted for recipe ideas and workshops.