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I am your knowledge mentor.

I am here to help you learn about the World and its natural resources.


My World Seven Series™ is a collection of SEVEN resource activity books. It is designed to help children learn about the world and its natural resources.

The planned activities and exercises in each book will give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and learning across the curriculum. It covers a range of learning materials for school children aged between four and eleven to help them develop the following skills:

  • Listening              

  • Writing              

  • Imagination                

  • Reading

  • Speaking                

  • Maths                

  • Creative writing        

  • Innovative thinking

  • Language development                     

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The aim of My World Seven Series ™ is to help children enhance their knowledge of the world, discover about themselves and have lots of fun and enjoyment. By working through the activities in the workbooks and the use of ICT, children will be encouraged to become self-confident and independent learners.

My World Seven Series ™ can also help children with ‘Show and tell’ and ‘Spellathon’ activities.